Biryani Cart

A small cart at the intersection on 6th avenue and 46th street which delivers traditional mouth watering biryani and amazing koti rolls.

Biryani Cart - 6th and 45th NYC

I was walking in Manhattan for the second day, I had already seen central park, times sq, grand central, NY central library, High line, Wall st, trinity church, at-least 30 different Starbucks and had eaten Chinese, Italian, French and American food. I was craving for some spicy Indian food. Like the previous day, I called Rohit "maga(dude) find me some good Indian food cart in Manhattan", "Go to Biryani cart" was his immediate response. I looked up the place and realized I was close by. I headed straight to 6th Av and 46th St. To my surprise there were no customers, so I went to the cashier/chef and asked whats popular, "biryani and spicy buradi.....", "awesome, one order of spicy buradi, and one order of biryani". As I was waiting for my food I looked up the yelp reviews, this place was not as popular as halal guys or Prosperity dumpling, biryani cart had ~300 reviews and 4 stars. However this place had multiple awards (Time out New York - 2010 critics pick, people's choice award 2009, Vendy award 2008 and multiple articles/shows in various magazines and cable shows). I must say, this place was impressive. This place is pretty cheap too $6 for a biryani or two koti rolls.

The biryani was good, super spicy I must add. Although there were very few chicken pieces in the biryani, the flavor of the rice was amazing. The spicy buradi was not from this world. I genuinely think these koti rolls were better than the ones we get in India(Bangalore). The combination of mint chutney, red sauce and white sauce was mind blowing.

Spicy Buradi

Chicken Biryani.

All in all, the koti rolls were amazing and the biryani was amazing flavor wise and not so good quantity wise. one thing I can definitely say is that, this place is better than over-hyped halal guys.