Beer-Can Chicken - Yummm

Aright, this kick-ass dish is amazing! everyone's gotta try this at least once! It doesn't matter if you drink alcohol or not, you really cant tell a difference.

It all started on a lazy Sunday in the lab, I was searching for easy chicken recipes for dinner and I found this amazing video -Chef Frank Miller - Beer-Can Chicken. This video basically took my breath away and I immediately called Anirban and asked him to see the video. After seeing the video he said one word - "FUCK"! I knew he was gonna say that.

So, anyways we decided to do this the next weekend.

We went to the store and got all the ingredients needed. Both me and Anirban like Guinness beer, so we decided to cook the chicken with Guinness.

Its actually a pretty easy recipe! First off, wash the chicken and apply some olive oil over it, after that sprinkle some seasoning( I used old bay seasoning - recommended by Chef Frank Miller). I coated the chicken with the seasoning, both inside-out. In the mean time, drink 1/3 of the beer off the can and add butter, jalapenos, garlic and couple table spoons of seasoning to the can. If you are using Guinness, make sure to remove the widget inside the beer-can.

Chicken coated wiht old bay seasoning and beer with all the ingredients ready to go

Chicken placed over the beer-can - oven here I come.

Preheat the oven to about 400 degree F, and put the chicken inside the oven.

Let the chicken cook for about 90 to 120 min and Vola, you are done.

Chicken cooked for about 120 min, notice the color

Next, its time to make the sauce! For the sauce, use the Beer inside the Can and add worcestershire sauce, molasis and tomato ketchup. keep stirring until the sauce thickens.

Anirban stirring the sauce on medium heat. stir and stir until the sauce is thick.

pour the sauce on the chicken and you are ready to dig in!!

gotta tell you, the chicken is so tender. Its basically melting in my mouth!! Everyone should try this at least once.

Im sorry for making your mouth watery :P